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National Lampoon's Counter Intelligence

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Feature   |   English   |  UK - USA - INDIA - FRANCE

In association with MediaFusion Entertainment (USA), Bella Productions (USA), Depiction Media (USA - India)

Production Status:  In Development

Genre:  Screwball Comedy/Action/Adventure

Tagline: Romance. Dancing. Bombs.



National Lampoon's - COUNTER INTELLIGENCE is a hip romantic musical comedy, about a Bollywood movie star and secret agent ABU ABU who teams up with the talented FAARIA to protect the MAHARAJAH of Quodoon from plots to steal nukes and blackmail him into giving up the crown.


Writer/Executive Producer: James Farwell

Producers: Carol Bidault de l'Isle, Chandu Shah

Executive Producers: James Farwell, Frank Hart, Jerry Daigle

Creative Co-Producer: Fozia Khaliq


Countries of production: USA, INDIA


Duration (in minutes): 90


FINANCING IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity and Tax incentives)



Driven by jealousy, TAMEER THE TERRIBLE wants to overthrow his twin brother, the MAHARAJAH of Quodoon. Tameer plans to steal a nuke and blackmail him into giving up his crown. Sensing opportunity, Army Commander, Brigadier General WACKFORD KOODLE hatches his own plot to thwart Tameer and install himself as the power in Quodoon. Koodle gets more than he bargained for when he taps the Crown’s Secret Agent and Bollywood movie star, ABU ABU to stop Tameer. The unflappable Abu teams up with FAARIA, a beautiful Cambridge educated entrepreneur. Ingenious and imaginative, they outfox both Tameer and Koodle, and save the Maharajah from devious skullduggery. The family black sheep, Tameer’s real goal in life is respect. He’s already rich and famous – but for robbing banks. Tameer cannot abide the idea of being a small-time crook. He decides that going big time requires that he pretend to be a terrorist leader to scare people. But he’s inept, and falls madly in love with an irrepressible kidnap victim, TIFFANY, proving that kidnapping is risky business.


With hip music by 2 Academy, 2 Grammy’s Award winner A.H. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 hours, Elizabeth the Golden Age, Million Dollar Arm), National Lampoon’s COUNTER INTELLIGENCE is a fast-paced, witty romantic musical comedy about self-discovery and the price for achieving it, and pays homage to the Bollywood extravaganza.

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