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About Serein

About Us


  • Serein Productions is a French film production company founded by Carol Bidault de l'Isle in 2021. Its main focus is auteur cinema, but it also co-produces films from other countries.

  • European Co-Producing Partner: Serein provides European producers with a reliable partner in France with to access to European and international funding. 

  • Production services in France for international producers: Serein provides Producers from around the world with production services in France. These productions can qualify for a 30% production rebate (CNC).  

  • Evaluations: Serein performs an internal evaluation of the script and attached/proposed elements (pitch decks, director, top actors, budget; production schedule, etc) and works with producers to maximize opportunities.

  • Financing:  Serein assesses and secures the type of financing needed for the project from tax credits/rebates, sales projections, and other sources of funding to determine the amount of private equity needed to greenlight the project.

  • Engagements: Serein engages a network of top professionals (Story analysts, Casting Agents, line producers, key production staff, marketing, international sales agents, lawyers, accountants, etc) in the business to maximize the potential of the project.

  • Services: Serein provides producers with the support needed on the business side, leaving the filmmakers to focus on the creative elements and capturing “magic in a bottle”.

  • We speak English, français, castellano, italiano, português and 日本語.


For more information, contact us.

Founder, Lead Producer
Carol Bidault de l’Isle is an award-winning producer, specialized in international motion picture/television financing, distribution, media asset acquisitions, and management. She brings with her over 30 years of industry experience in the United States, Europe and, Latin America. She recently co-produced in association with Serein Productions DALI LAND directed by Mary Harron (AMERICAN PSYCHO), starring Erza Miller, Ben Kingsley, produced THE SECURITY OF FEAR, starring Brad Dourif, William Baldwin, Jean-Marc Barr); in pre-production & development features on three continents (US, Europe and, the Middle East). Read more


About Serein

Serein Productions (France) - Carol Bidault de l'Isle - President
About Serein
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