Mona Lisa

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Feature   |   French/English   |  FRANCE, ITALY

Production Status:  In Development

Genre:  Comedy Heist

Tagline: "Everybody wants a Mona Lisa!"

Logline: How many Mona Lisa’s did Leonardo paint? The answers give rise to intrigue, murder, greed, double-cross, mystery and romance in this fast-paced  comedy heist movie.

Writer/Executive Producer: James Farwell

Co-Writer & Producer: Carol Bidault de l'Isle (France)

Executive Producers: Chandu Shah, Jerry Daigle, Frank Hart

Countries of production: FRANCE, ITALY

Duration (in minutes): 90

FINANCING IN PLACE: 65% (In Equity, Co-production funds, Tax incentives)


In St. Petersburg, IGOR STRASKOFF, a Russian Oligarch attends a glittering reception in the Hermitage Museum’s Leonardo Room.  Russian President YURI TITOV is affronted upon discovering that their Mona Lisa is a copy. He finds out that there is a reproduction potentially painted by Da Vinci himself up for auction and presses Igor to acquire it for Mother Russia. 

In the meantime, in Paris, we meet COMMANDER NICOLE HUBERT, in charge of Antiquities whose mission is to combat art fraud and theft. She agrees to help the elderly MRS GOLDSTEIN recover her lost Mona Lisa, stolen by the Nazis from her family home in Berlin in the 1930’s. Knowing of the auction, Nicole shows up at Dallier’s. There she confronts auction house director MARIE DE NOYER and her eccentric Italian art consultant, GIANCARLO RICCI, and demands that Dallier delay the auction while experts determine whether the Goldstein and Dallier Mona Lisa are the same. Marie pushes back, and Jean-Paul, declines to offer an opinion. The auction proceeds.  RINKU GUPTA - a wealthy New Delhi nouveau-riche expatriate and Igor bid furiously against one another. Gupta wins. Having lost at bidding, Igor’s goons steal the painting. Gupta complains to Nicole and the police, accusing Igor. Police search Igor’s house but find no evidence of the stolen painting. Igor awakens the next morning to discover that the Dallier Mona Lisa has been burgled from him. He sets his team in motion to locate and acquire, legally or illegally, a Mona Lisa.

Nicole and Jean-Paul pursue different agendas. She cares not whether the Goldstein painting is an authentic Leonardo, only if the Dallier Mona Lisa is was the one stolen from the woman’s family. His interest is in whether the painting can be attributed to Leonardo. She wants him to stay out of her way as she embarks on a tense adventure to track down the truth. Jean-Paul pursues his own truth. The character’s paths crisscross, heightening tension between them, yet flowering a romantic bond.

Igor knows he cannot fail Titov. His future, fortune and his daughter are at stake. He tries to balance aggression with restraint to head off getting kicked out of France. It’s tough sledding. His musclemen thrive on ill-conceived action, while his own expert, KARP, dances around questions as to the authenticity of a gaggle of Mona Lisa’s that suddenly crop up.

Inspired by fact, MONA LISA moves swiftly from the toney arrondissements of Paris to  a billionaire’s hi-tech Loire Valley chateau to a mysterious castle at Lake Como, we discover exciting mysteries revolving around the enigmatic Mona Lisa, with non-stop action, romance and delight of unpredictable surprises.