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Carmilla, the Teenage Vampire

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Feature   |   English   |  FRANCE - IRELAND -AUSTRIA

In association with MediaFusion Entertainment (USA)


Production Status:  In Development


I - Carmilla  (Classic)
II - Carmilla (The Homecoming)
III - Carmilla (The Return)


I - Carmilla (Classic)

Logline: Carmilla comes alive as the empowering vampiress traveling the countryside to the end of time seeking revenge.


Carmilla (Classic) presents a stylized adaptation of the classic 19th-century gothic novella "Carmilla" by Irish writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, the original female vampire in all her splendor, which inspired Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, Dracula, which is the prototype of an entire subgenre of vampire fiction. This film is a romantic, dramatic homage to the Countess, like Francis Ford Coppola’s resurrection of the Count. Meanwhile, on the internet, Carmilla has millions of fans await for her resurrection.

The film opens in Karnstein, Austria 1812 during lavish preparations for the ultimate royal wedding. Carmilla is a teenage bride coerced into a loveless marriage to an older General in order to unite powerful families. Before the ceremony begins, Carmilla sneaks away to meet her true love, one last time. Caught in their embrace, her handsome soldier is stabbed by her future husband. As he lies dying in her arms, the General signals his henchmen to annihilate her entire family. Carmilla escapes from the burning castle to see everything she knows and loves go up in flames. There, the devil appears and Carmilla makes a pact with him to avenge her entire murdered family. Open Credits.

Throughout the rest of the movie, we see Carmilla come alive as the empowering vampiress traveling the countryside to the end of time seeking revenge.

II - Carmilla, the Homecoming
Carmilla, the Homecoming is a modern-day coming-of-age story of a teen-aged female vampire and her chilling tale of revenge. Carmilla's return to her homeland not only unravels the dark mysteries of the family's legacy, it triggers a series of events that will lead to a confrontation of power.

When the beautiful, cheeky young vampiress, Carmilla, returns after hundreds of years in exile to seek cold revenge on the man who stole her family legacy, she finds herself opening her heart when she least expects it. On the eve of the first blue moon on All Soul’s Day since 1698, Carmilla Karnstein returns to her native land to take back her family legacy and title from Lukas Kaiser, a cruel and evil vampire who seized power from her family.

Upon her return, Carmilla meets her brother, Alex, who has been Lukas’ puppet throughout the centuries and kept hostage inside the Karnstein mansion. Together they must plot revenge on Lukas, who will use the power of the blue moon to bring darkness into the world if they don’t stop him. Unexpectedly, however, Carmilla also meets Kurt, a handsome young artist with whom she falls madly in love. At the same time, Detective Decker Vordenberg, is summoned by his brother, the local priest, Father Stephan, to investigate a series of gruesome murders in the same home town. Although he has no interest in returning home, Decker is lured by the fact that the son of Angelika – Decker’s childhood sweetheart – is the primary suspect in the case. Cynical by nature, Decker’s eyes are gradually opened to the fact that the town is about to be overrun by vampires, and the unbelievable realization that both he and Stephan come from a historic line of vampire slayers. They must work fast to try to stop the evil Lukas from executing his plan, but in the end, it is up to Carmilla – who wants nothing more than to be human and free to love without restriction – who must make the most difficult choice for her life.

Carmilla is a female action heroine and a franchise character that appeals to the broadest demographic. Carmilla Trilogy follows in the tradition of blockbuster mystery thriller franchises, such as Twilight, “Hannibal Lecter” series. Producers have established partnerships in order to set up a franchising asset that will generate high revenue in all market segments, including The Movie, Virtual World, Multiplayer Game, Publishing, Mobile Telephony, 3D Stereoscopic Movie.

Carol Bidault de l'Isle (France)

CARMILLA will be shot in Austria, France & Ireland, where the mysterious locations of the natural landscapes will enhance the supernatural tones of the script.

CARMILLA's multiplatform marketing campaign has established a partnership with the leading marketing firms and will capitalize on innovative, cutting-edge social networks and virtual worlds that will reach a wide audience around the world.

The release of CARMILLA will be theatrically released.

The CARMILLA Production Team is comprised of industry-recognized motion picture professionals with world-renowned production, distribution, and marketing expertise.

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