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About Serein


Founder, Lead Producer: Carol Bidault de l’Isle is an award-winning producer, specialized in international motion picture/television financing, distribution, media asset acquisitions, and management. She brings with her over 30 years of industry experience in the United States, Europe and, Latin America. She recently co-produced in association with Serein Productions DALI LAND directed by Mary Harron (AMERICAN PSYCHO), starring Erza Miller, Ben Kingsley, produced THE SECURITY OF FEAR, starring Brad Dourif, William Baldwin, Jean-Marc Barr); in pre-production & development features on three continents (US, Europe and, the Middle East). 

Serein Productions (France) - Carol Bidault de l'Isle Producer


Ms. Bidault began her career in script development working for the major film studios - Columbia, MGM, and Paramount in Los Angeles. She then worked with renowned independent producers and filmmakers, such as Dino de Laurentiis, Federico Fellini, and Sergio Leone; and then branched into distribution and international sales for Vestron, New World, and Lorimar Studios. In 1988, she moved to Paris, France where she worked as a finance and distribution consultant for the European Union/France MEDIA Program for 7 years, responsible for the gap financing of over 100 productions in Europe. In early 1995, she was hired as a Mergers & Acquisition consultant by France Telecom in New York to work on a $1Billion merger. In September of that year, she moved to Washington, DC where she was hired as a Media Asset Management consultant by Discovery Communications (DCI) to manage their companywide media asset evaluation and distribution for 5 years. In 2000, she was hired to launch MediaFusion Entertainment, a media consulting company that worked with government organizations (Delegation of the European Union, Latin American Cultural Consulars) non-government agencies (Organization of American States, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank) and spawned such programs as Cultural Assets; Washington, DC Independent Film Festival; Washington, DC Film Market; Cine Latino; Mid-Atlantic Regional Showcase (MARS). She also produced seminars and conferences: Annual Roundtable on International Film Distribution (Washington, DC); Washington, DC Independent Film Festival Seminars; International, National and Regional Advocacy Forums for industry professionals; and others.


Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Ms. Bidault (née Gomez-Robelo) is a dual-citizen France and American, is fluent in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian, grew up in Los Angeles, France and Switzerland, graduating high school from Westlake School for Girls; earned her Bachelor's degree from UCLA in Political Science, performed research for her Master’s degree in Paris at l'Institut des Etudes Politiques and La Sorbonne IV. She is fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian; and is a dual citizen of the United States and European Union.


Ms. Bidault is active with Women's organizations, including Women In Film & Television United States; WIFT International: a co-founding member of Women in Film International, served on the WIFTI board (2014 - 2018) as Vice Chair, Membership Chair, and WIFTI Short-Case Producer; a co-founding member of Women in Film & Television - Louisiana has served on the Board since 2011 and President (2016 - 2018); Co-Founder of Women in Film (France), Judge on the Women in Film Finishing Fund (2014, 2015, 2016) and a member of Women in Film & Video – Washington, DC (1995 to 2008) and volunteer for Women in Film Los Angeles.


Ms. Bidault has also served on the Advisory Board of the New Orleans Film Society & Film Festival (2011 - 2018); served as a founding film advisor to the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History - Warner Bros. Theatre (2011); is a recipient of the US Department of State/ Secretary's Open Forum Award, their second-highest award, for Outstanding Contribution to international cultural affairs and support to media arts (2002); Rettig Award/Rosebud Film Festival for Outstanding Service & Contribution to the Washington, DC; Maryland and Virginia film and video community, as well as other awards and recognition in the area of film and media.


Published Reports:

*America’s Image Abroad – The UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention & US Motion Picture Exports (pdf attached)

*Study Economic Impact of the Film Industry in Latin America. For a copy of the report, please contact:

Zagat's Movie Guide (with E! Entertainment)

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