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Le Canard

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Serein Productions (France) - Le Canard Poster

Feature   |   French   |  FRANCE

Production Status:  In Development

Tagline: Sometimes life can be that easy!

Logline: Le Canard, a coming of age, a family drama about a top French chef and her estranged teenage daughter forced on a road trip together to find the purveyor of the finest ducks needed for her restaurant, the world-famous, Le Canard, and end up finding the love that binds them. ​

Producer/Production Company: Carol Bidault de l'Isle / Serein Productions


Writer: Carol Gomez-Robelo


Location: La Dourdogne


FINANCING IN PLACE: 75% (In Equity and Tax incentives)

Duration (in minutes): 90


A French chef, Jeanne Pellier has a problem with her supply of ducks which is the cornerstone of her highly successful restaurant, LE CANARD. Jeanne learns that one of her best suppliers, DUPUY Farms located in Dourdogne, the middle of the French countryside, don't want to increase her order. Jeanne decides to go "visit" the Dupuy Farms and convince the old man Dupuy to "get with the program". In the meantime, her estranged daughter, Victoire ("Vicky") is set to stay with her while her ex-husband goes on his honeymoon. With no way out, Jeanne decides to make the best of this trip. Who knows, maybe she can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak: meet with her purveyor/supplier and spend some "quality time" with her daughter. The next day, Jeanne and Vicky arrive in the Dourdogne where they drive to the middle of the countryside, in search of the world-renown ducks. 


There they meet the Dupuy family, an old French family that runs the largest duck farm in the country, as well as a whole lot of other businesses in the area. For the next few days, Jeanne tries to navigate between trying to track down the old man and deal with the eternally bored and rude Nicole. She needs to get the old man to agree to supply her with more ducks that she so desperately needs, at any price; while trying to appease her daughter, who wants nothing to do with her mother, nor these backwoods, country ways.


Through the people they encounter, the events they experience, Jeanne and Vickie realize the love they have for each other, the value of family, the richness of their surroundings and learn to take the time to appreciate it all - CARPE DIEM.


Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Dourdogne region, Le Canard is a road trip movie that explores the themes of family, coming of age, and culture clashes, with off-beat humor.

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