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Nara's War

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Serein Productions (France) -Naras War Poster

Feature   |   French/Arabic/English

A France - Italy - Morocco co-production


In association with MediaFusion Entertainment (USA), Long Shot Pictures, LLC

Production Status:  In Development

Genre:  Romantic Thriller


Tagline: "In war, love is the most powerful weapon.”


Logline: In the wake of the Arab Spring, a young, spirited student risks marriage to a Syrian soldier, only to find herself separated from him at the onset of the brutal repression launched by the Assad regime. She is forced into a desperate journey to find her husband -- and to fight for her life, for her country and for her unborn child. 

Producer: Carol Bidault de l'Isle


Executive Producers: Michael Claes, James Mitchell


Producers' Assistant: Brooke Harrington


Countries of production: France | Italy | Morocco 


FINANCING: 80% (In Equity and Tax incentives)



“We are all doomed by hope…come what may, today cannot be the end of history.”

-- Saadallah Wannous, Syrian playwright

NARA is Sunni Muslim and the daughter of a Cafe' owner in Aleppo, Syria. Amir is the son of a dedicated Alawite military family serving under the brutal Assad regime.  Amir and Nara fall in love and quickly marry on the eve of the Arab Spring.  

When Syria falls into civil war their lives are shattered and they are separated.  Amir is taken prisoner by the Syrian Free Army. He soon decides to cooperate both because of the brutal orders he was forced to carry out by the regime, and the chance he could find Nara.

Nara, now pregnant, decides to stay in Aleppo against her family’s wishes, subjecting herself to terrifying dangers.  Nara  bonds with a western journalist and travels north with her and her crew as they attempt to reach safety in Turkey. 


It is a perilous journey through territory held by rival rebel militias.  The crew must leave Nara behind in a free town in Rojava, where she joins what became the YPG fighting off violent attacks from ISIS in northern Syria.


Meanwhile Amir, still in Aleppo, which is now in ruins, learns of Nara's movements.  He leaves on his own harrowing journey to find her, unaware she is carrying his child and in her own deadly fight for survival.


The story has been meticulously researched, right down to street names and addresses. It  has been vetted by more than a dozen experts on Syria and the history of conflict in the region.


Comparables: Hotel Rwanda, In Syria, Papicha, The Promise, The Killing Fields

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